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Frequently Asked Questions

“Starting Childcare 2021: How to prepare your child – BBC Tiny Happy People”

1.What are the Nursery operating hours?

We are open Monday to Friday 51 weeks of the year from 8am to 6pm. We close for the week between Christmas and New Year.


2. What are the Nursery charges?

Our fees are inclusive of all meals and snacks, including milk.

There is a non-refundable administration fee of £50 on acceptance of a place at our Nursery. This fee is waived for EYEE funded only children.

Please see our fee structure for a break down of fees, as these vary for the different age groups.3.

Please check for help with entitlements.


3. What do I need to provide?

We ask parents to provide nappies, wipes, nappy creams, nappy sacks and sun cream allowing you the choice of what we use on your child’s delicate areas.

Parent/Guardians should also provide formula milk and supplementary foods.

Appropriate outdoor clothing should be provided to ensure your child can enjoy the outdoor environment in all weathers.

We do have all-weather outfits if your child does not have their own.


4. What will the children be given to eat and drink?

The children will be offered breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and high tea (depending on their hours). We have a 6-weekly rotational menu, with food being prepared and cooked on the premises. A local butcher provides our meat and our groceries are delivered weekly. All puddings are fruit based and milk or water is provided throughout the day.


5. What will my child’s day consist of?

Each room, whether it is the Baby Unit, Toddler Room or Pre-School will provide a variety of activities to include creative play, imaginative play, numeracy and literacy skills, construction and problem solving along with time to explore the outside environment, whether in the Nursery play area or out on the playing fields. There is also provision for your child to sleep in peace and quiet should they require.

A copy of our daily routines can be seen on display in each room.

Each child will have their own Learning Journal and be assigned a Key Person who will ensure their development is being challenged. Staff and Parent/Guardians can include observations and information on their child’s development at regular intervals within this Learning Journal.

Regular progress meetings will be held between the Key Person and Parent/Guardian.


6. Is there a waiting list?

We do have a waiting list for all of the rooms, although the Baby Unit is typically the busiest of all our rooms. It is advisable to put your child’s name down on the waiting list as soon as you can.

Once you have completed your application form there is no charge to go onto the waiting list.


7. Is there a priority to spaces offered?

Yes, our spaces are offered in order of priority: –


  • Full time spaces take priority over part time sessions
  • Siblings of children already attending
  • Waiting list


Please refer to Admissions Information Policy


8. Does the Nursery charge for Bank Holidays and holidays taken by my child?

Bank Holidays are charged for as are holidays taken by you, as full Nursery costs still have to be met throughout the year.

Christmas Bank Holidays are NOT charged for as the Nursery is closed during this week.


9. Does the Nursery accept the Government Early Years Education Entitlement?

We are registered to receive the Early Years Educational Entitlement funding from the Local Educational Authority for 2,3 and 4 year olds.


Once your child is registered at the Nursery, we will claim the funding on your behalf.

Parents wishing to claim funding for their 2 year old must register on-line in order to claim.


10.What is the Adult to Child ratio?


Childs Age Staff Member to Children
4-6 months 1:1
6 months to 2 years 1:3
2-3 Years 1:4
3-5 Years 1:8
3-5 Years 1:13 *

* With an Early Years Professional or Qualified Teacher Leading the Room.

Are the Staff qualified?

All of our Nursery staff are qualified in childcare, from level 2 up to Degree level. 


All Staff have DBS or CRB checks in order to assess their suitability to work with children. Staff are qualified in First Aid (we gained a Millie’s Mark Award 2016, by having 100% of our staff trained in paediatric first aid), Child Protection and Food Hygiene. Before staff are recruited, 2 references are sought to assess their suitability in childcare.

We are committed to the continuous development of our Staff who attend professional development training programmes, conducted by West Sussex County Council, as well as those carried out within the Nursery in order to keep up to date with current regulations.


11. Does the Nursery accept the Government Early Years Education Entitlement?

We are registered to receive the Early Years Educational Entitlement funding from the local Educational Authority for 2,3 and 4 year olds.

We will ask you to complete the relevent forms in order for the nursery to claim this entitlement on your behalf.


12. Do we accept Childcare Vouchers?

We accept all childcare vouchers, most of which we are already registered with. Please ask for further information.

 Including: –  Allsave





                     HR Services

                     Co-operative Vouchers

                     Kiddi Vouchers

                     Kids Unlimited


                     You at Work

                     RG Childcare


                     Childcare Plus

                     Enjoy Benefits

                     Fair Care


                            Salary Exchange

                     Busy Bees

We also accept the Government “Tax Free” payments


13. How can I make the most of my 3 and 4 year old Government funding?

Please refer to our Fee Structure and 3 and 4 year old Government Funding terms documents for the application details and costs. When taken as part of a full day you can access up to 5 or 6 funded hours a day. To tkae advantage of the full 22 hours you will need to be doing 4 days (6 hours + 6 hours + 5 hours + 5 hours + 22 hours ). The hours can be claimed in any 5 hour or 6 hour blocks over the week. Any remaining hours can be claimed at another setting. I.e. pre-school operating sessions may be able to offer a few funded hours in a day.


14. Why is it called ’30 hours free’ childcare when you claim 11 hours for Universal and 11 hours for Extended?

We operate as a Full Day Care Nursery  open 51 weeks of the year. Our Funding is ‘stretched’ to cover the whole year. The Government allows us to claim up to 11 hours for each strand of Funding when ‘stretching’ them over 51 weeks.           

15. When are visits conducted?

Visits are by appointment only and are conducted in the morning so you are able to see the Nursery operating ………

Appointments are at 10am, 10.30am or 11am.

Any visits after this time are not recommended, as the children will be preparing for lunch and having afternoon naps.



If you have any additional questions or would like to visit the Nursery then please contact the Manager to arrange an appointment.